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How To Be A Confident VBM

how to be a confident VBM

The biggest challenge we find in helping our own VAs transition to working with a VBM client is confidence.  It’s a big step up responsibility-wise and while you have probably been providing an over-and-above service for your VA clients … having the confidence to put yourself out there as a VBM can be daunting (make that terrifying!).

If you think back, you probably thought the same when you started working with your first VA client.  

Anything new is scary!  Change is scary but without change we don’t grow, and our circumstances don’t improve.  Remember, becoming a VBM is all about achieving your potential.

So, how to launch yourself as a confident VBM?  Here’s some tips that have worked for VBM’s we’ve worked with:


If knowledge is power then upskilling yourself through books, courses and research will ensure you know you have the skills needed to excel as a VBM.


We all need someone we know both has our back, and pushes us.  Whether a mentor, a community, being part of an agency or team, or a coach; having someone you can talk to will set your fears at ease.

Transition (or In-Between) Clients

Work with one of your clients who has the potential to use you as a VBM.  Suggest a trial period where, if you meet their expectations they’ll upgrade to your VBM package.

Personal Development

When the time comes, have the confidence to be able to step outside of your comfort zone, knowing you’ve done everything possible to set yourself up for success.


Honesty is undervalued and your clients will appreciate (and expect) it from you.  Say you’re starting out as a VBM and while you know you can deliver, as one of your first clients you’d appreciate their honest feedback on how you’re performing.  

Want it badly!

If you want anything badly enough you’ll make it happen.  So when that self-doubting voice starts getting too loud, remind yourself why you’re doing this … and all you’ve done to get to this point.  

Above all, have a little faith in yourself.  You’ve got this and you’re not alone, we all get speed wobbles when we’re jumping outside of what’s safe.

Nothing really worth it is meant to be easy!

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