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An Exercise in Customer Delight

“Customer delight is exceeding a customer’s expectations to create a positive customer experience with a product or brand.” [Hubspot]

Are you already delighting your clients?

Could you possibly delight them better?

In practicing customer delight we benefit by:

  • Increasing client retention and loyalty
  • Improving our team culture and retention
  • Reduced overheads
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • More word of mouth referrals

Here’s a customer delight exercise for you!

Block out an hour in your calendar (even two) and work through this exercise:

  1. Map out your entire client journey.  Every single touch point they have with your company, from prospect through to client.
  2. For each touch point, note your client’s expectations at that specific point.
  3. Now note how you meet those expectations (or what needs to happen to meet those).
  4. What’s your differentiator?  Write down what sets you apart from others in your industry (I won’t say competitors, it’s a horrible word!).
  5. At each touch point you’ve identified, note how you can exceed your client’s expectations.  Use your differentiator.
  6. At each touch point make sure you make your client’s smile (or even laugh).  Delight.
  7. Implement these touch point actions throughout your business.  Even if it’s one new action each day or week.  Constant improvement towards a purpose … that purpose being to deliver delight.

Click here to access a simple spreadsheet to use for this exercise.

Examples of customer delight:

  • A surgeon phoning his patients the week before surgery to set their minds at ease.
  • An accountant puts together some playlists of upbeat songs she sends to clients on their tax payment dates.
  • A business coach set up a ‘speed dating’ event for clients who she thought complimented each other’s businesses.
  • A videographer did a day’s filming with a client.  Because the client had done their homework and the studio time was less than expected, the client received an unexpected refund.
  • We listen to our clients on social media.  If one of them mentions an upcoming movie, a book or something offhand we’ll sometimes surprise them with the book, or tickets to the movies (and so on).
  • A business coach I worked with sent me a pair of jandals so I could enjoy summer.
  • A CEO of a retirement village regularly making time for a coffee and biscuit with residents.
  • A florist sends her best clients a packet of wildflower seeds in a hand written birthday card each year.
  • Even the simple act of saying no to a client can be an opportunity to delight!

What are some great examples of customer delight you’ve seen or heard of?

Customer delight isn’t marketing!  It’s about fundamental ways your business operates to consistently exceed your client’s expectations.

Is customer delight measureable?

Absolutely, though a lot of it is intangible.

Rather than measure each touch point (let’s get real!) I’m going to be more consistent in sending out our customer satisfaction surveys and track our Net Promoter Score (NPS).  For me that’s my preferred way to track both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.  It’s a start!

How do you measure your clients’ delight?

Finally, if you want to get started implementing your customer delight strategy and know you’re going to need a hand … book a time with me and we’ll talk it through together.

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