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A Little Extra Makes All The Difference

A Little Extra Makes All The Difference

We’re always looking at how we can go the extra mile for each other, and our clients, at Your VA.  So much so that it’s one of our core values:


Exceeding Expectations: We never settle because we believe there’s always an opportunity to do better and improve how our clients run and grow their business.  We go the extra mile to add value, ‘it will do’ isn’t in our vocabulary.


We have an added value task in each client’s folder where we deliberately spend 15 – 30 minutes doing that little bit extra.  It makes me feel better doing it, and I know it makes our clients feel special, and appreciated.

Think about it. 

I came across this chapter in a book I adore, Let It Be Easy by Susie Moore which is the trigger for this month’s topic.  In it she asks,

“Isn’t success defined by that ‘little bit extra’?  It’s not the dramatic, far reaching, overly impressive actions or risks we take that push us forward.  It’s simpler than that.  It’s the extra showing up.  The extra giving to others.  The extra learning.  The extra reps, even, during a workout.

This is what, over time, makes the difference in our life and in our contributions.  Ask an expert at anything, and they’ll agree.  There’s nothing mystical about having a big, generous life.  It’s just about the willingness to do, give, and become just a little bit more.”

Reading this I thought, where has this been true for me?

  • When I started Your VA I stayed up longer every night, working on finding clients … a little extra
  • I keep my sanity by walking the dogs along the beach each morning, that little bit further than my legs would like  … extra
  • I enjoy long lasting relationships with clients old and new because I go out of my way to stay in touch … a little extra
  • When I get too loud and excited on zooms I turn down my volume … extra 🤦‍♀️
  • I 💯 believe ok is not good enough, a little bit extra helps you stand out in a crowded world and it definitely makes you feel better about who and what you are.
Let me ask you, where can you give a little extra?  Where do you want to?
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