10 Things I Love About Social Media

August 27, 2016

Social media.  When it comes to lead generation, social media is hard to beat … it’s one on one, it’s cost effective, it’s current and it works.  But there is more to social media than lead generation.  Here’s 10 things I love about using social media.

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  1. Social media is my lunch room.  A place to go where I can chat and have a catch up with friends in groups and direct messages.
  2. Social media is my library.  I can source the answer to just about any question I have.
  3. Social media is my family.  Well they’re on there and thanks to Facebook I see them daily.
  4. Social media is my peace of mind.  I can see feedback, comments and updates resulting in full transparency of companies I choose to deal with.
  5. Social media is my go to place for brain storming.  I can run new ideas or ask opinions online before I go ahead with my next project.
  6. Social media is my entertainment centre.  Music, videos, books and more – all available through YouTube, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Social media is my advice board.  The professional advice I’ve received in LinkedIn groups has been invaluable many, many times.
  8. Social media is my inspiration.  I see new ideas, thoughts and resources daily.
  9. Social media is my newspaper.  In NZ and overseas I stay informed as news breaks.
  10. Social media is my ‘outside the box’.  Working from home in a virtual environment I am never lonely or isolated.

What’s social media to you?

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