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Our 6 step onboarding process

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Never worked with a Virtual Assistant before? We make it easy for you.

Whether you already know what tasks you want to outsource, or you know you simply can’t keep doing everything yourself but have no idea how to shift the work from your desk to ours, we help you every step of the way. It’s as easy as getting in touch with us and booking your free discovery session.


Book your free discovery session

We listen as you talk us through your goals, your challenges and help you identify what needs to shift from your desk to ours. This session is all about you! Use this time to ask any questions you have about outsourcing and we’ll explain how we work, and why we’re a little bit special!

We’ll follow up with your proposal

Along with an outline of your goals and priorities, we’ll suggest a package and send you our letter of engagement in an email following our discovery. Once (if!) you decide to work with us, simply return the signed letter of engagement. This is where the magic starts!



Meet your new VA

We’ll pair you up with one of our  senior virtual assistants or virtual business managers and introduce you during your strategy session. We’ll talk about your expectations and ours, and work with you to ensure we have the information we need to get started. Then we get cracking.

Delegate and Elevate

It’s more than just ticking off boxes; we build a relationship with you so we can help in ways that you might not expect. More than just routine support, our VAs and VBMs are trained to be your business partners, and collectively use the resources within our team to help you grow your business while freeing you up to work in your zone of genius.



Checking In

Communication is everything.  You’ll check in with your VA or VBM daily, weekly or monthly.  You choose!  You also have the option to zoom with Justine each month on a strategy level, talking through your goals and making sure that as a team we’re all moving in the same direction.

Monthly Reporting

Accountable and transparent.  You’ll have access to a dashboard showing how we spent your package hours, wins, what worked well and our suggestions for improvement.  


For more details about onboarding a virtual assistant, plus tips on how to delegate easily ...

Download our free guide “Outsourcing Made Easy: Your Virtual Assistant Hiring Toolkit”.

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