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About Your Virtual Assistant

Justine Parsons, founder of Your Virtual Assistant

Hi I'm Justine, proud founder of our made in NZ virtual business support agency!

Being an entrepreneur is fantastic, you call the shots and you’ve built your business from nothing to what it is today (no easy task!).  Then you hit the ceiling.  You know what you want to achieve but you’re overwhelmed and frustrated!

That’s when you need a team behind you … and that’s where we come in!

Back in 1998 I saw a need for entrepreneurs to access virtual assistant services.  Now that need has grown from administrative assistance to full business support.

Like you I’ve built my business from an idea, made a lot of mistakes, and learned from each and every one of them.  That experience paired with our team of expertise will help you break through your ceiling, without the overwhelm.  

Work with us and in no time you’ll be back in the driver’s seat, proactive rather than reactive as you enjoy the freedom and confidence that comes with having the support of a team.

You spend your days on tasks you
should do, can do and want to do
We've got the rest!

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