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Virtual Business Manager: a support for business owners who need more than an assistant.

You need someone to manage your business so you can start focusing on what you do best.  Someone who makes sure you have the time and space you need to concentrate on your priorities.

Your Virtual Business Manager (VBM) will free you up so you spend more time building relationships, acting on your vision and achieving your goals. Their role is to manage your team, operations, systems, projects, metrics, and YOU in line with your values and purpose.
Sue Balcomb, Certified Online Business Manager

How do you know when to hire a VBM?

If you recognise any of the points above, it’s time!

The role of a Virtual Business Manager is to make sure the right THINGS get done at the right TIME, in the right WAY and by the right PEOPLE.

How will a VBM make a difference for you?

A VBM is responsible for ...

Choose a VBM to fit your needs:


If you’re nervous about working with a VBM or have a specific project in mind, these options remove any risk and fast track results.

Projects we’ve worked on include team reviews, systems analysis, marketing campaigns, online launches, organisation review.


Your VBM will free you up so you spend more time building big relationships, acting on your vision, and achieving your goals.

A trusted partner who will manage your people, operations, systems, projects, metrics and YOU in line with your values and purpose.


Our Fractional Integrators work with companies employing EOS in an affordable, part-time-but-full-attention capacity.

As a stepping-stone to adding a full-time employee, we give you the ability to off-load some responsibility in a cautious, strategic and affordable fashion.

Healthy relationships require commitment

We commit to:

Open communication in terms of:

Achieving your vision:

True Representation of:

You commit to:

Open communication in terms of:

Your vision of your optimal role in:

Keeping an open mind to:

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When you’re ready for a no-strings chat to discuss whether a VBM is the right solution for you, simply click on the button below to book a call with Justine.

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