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Our Fractional Integrators

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Our Fractional Integrators ensure that the EOS Process® is being followed, hold your team accountable to their To-Dos and Rocks, and manage weekly Level 10 Meetings™.

They are the glue that hold companies running on EOS together, helping you and your organisation achieve your goals.

7 benefits

our fractional integrators offer

Working with a fractional integrator will benefit you by:

  1. Reduced stress: An Integrator will take on many of the day-to-day tasks that can be stressful for a Visionary and other leaders, freeing you up to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  2. Increased speed: An Integrator will help your company make decisions and take action more quickly, which will give your company a competitive advantage.
  3. Increased focus and clarity: An Integrator helps Visionaries stay focused on the big picture and ensures that everyone in your company is aligned with the company’s goals.
  4. Improved accountability: An Integrator holds your team accountable for their To-Dos and Rocks, which helps to ensure that tasks are completed on time and that your company is making progress towards its goals.
  5. Smoother operations: An Integrator helps to streamline operations and remove roadblocks, which frees up you and your leaders to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  6. Better decision-making: An Integrator helps your company make better decisions by providing clarity and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  7. Stronger culture: An Integrator helps to create a positive and productive culture in your company by promoting accountability, communication, and teamwork.

The presence of an Integrator brings order to a chaotic environment, allowing you to concentrate on finding creative ways to expand your business. We provide clarity to your organisational challenges and implement systems that enhance performance.

As your Fractional Integrator, we offer leadership, coaching, and guidance to your Leadership team, helping align your organisation with the principles of EOS.

Who we serve

we're clear on our ideal clients

Fractional Integrators Are Ideal When

You own a small or midsize growing company
You're a visionary creating a positive impact and legacy
You're a leader who wants to control their time and company
You're a CEO who's teachable and willing to be held accountable
You listen first and speak last

Fractional Integrators Are Not Ideal When

You're fine with status quo
You expect overnight results
You aren't open to new ideas
You won't be held accountable or honour commitments
You think no one can be trusted to do things as good as you
You want people to do what you say, and not be questioned


Are your Fractional Integrators certified?

At this stage our Fractional Integrators are not EOS Integrator Masterclass certified.

They do have experience supporting both our agency and our clients with Integrator support, following the EOS framework.  

What exactly is a Fractional Integrator?

Fractional Integrators act as a strategic partner with the business owner/Visionary, turning the leadership team into a group of people who can run the day-to-day without your constant intervention, and drive execution of the vision by the leadership team (and, by extension, the rest of the company).

We use the EOS framework and tools to achieve this.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! We have complete confidence in our abilities to meet your strategic needs. Our guarantee is straightforward: if our clients fulfil their responsibilities as outlined in our proposal and feel that we haven’t fulfilled ours, we will refund 100% of their initial investment for the first month if we cannot rectify the situation.

How much does retaining a Fractional Integrator cost?

Our monthly retainers typically range from $5,000-$15,000 per month, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • the nature and urgency of your goals,
  • the makeup of your leadership team,
  • the complexity of your business,
  • the stage you are at with your EOS implementation, and
  • the projects and priorities your Fractional Integrator will be responsible for.
How much time will a Fractional Integrator spend on my business?

We do not bill by the day, half-day, or by the hour. Our monthly retainers are based on the amount of support we estimate it will take to drive achievement of your stated goals, not a specific time commitment.

That being said, our Fractional Integrator’s typically spend (on average) between a little less than a day each week to a-day-and-a-half each week with our clients.

What is the difference between a Fractional Integrator and an EOS Implementer®?

An EOS Implementer, whether Professional, Certified, or Expert, helps your leadership team gain clarity in full-day sessions. They don’t assist with actions between these session days. Each Implementer, linked with EOS Worldwide, teaches your team EOS® tools, guides how to use them for your business, and coaches this process. They do this during full-day sessions – three in the first quarter, then quarterly and an annual planning session.

On the other hand, a Fractional Integrator is a leadership team member to whom others report, responsible for integrating and leading business functions, ensuring execution of what’s decided in EOS sessions.

It’s recommended to use an EOS Implementer so that your Integrator can focus solely on strategic leadership, without also handling self-implementation of EOS.

Even if you’re not ready for an Implementer, you’ll benefit from a free “90 Minute Meeting” with one whom we’re happy to recommend.

Does my business need to run on EOS in order to work with an Integrator?

Your business does not have to already run on EOS for us to work together.

That being said, every business needs metrics, goals, a way to manage major strategic projects, a vision, a definition of what kinds of people they are looking for, and a way of finding the right people and repelling the wrong people. 

Our primary value to you is providing you with an experienced executive leading your leadership team, becoming your strategic partner to create and execute a roadmap for transformative change, and making your business self-managing. 

Therefore we use the EOS framework and tools with all of our Fractional Integrator clients in order to provide consistent support which we know delivers results.  This is how we can guarantee your return on investment with confidence.



A Fractional Integrator typically takes on important tasks known as “Rocks.” These are quarterly goals that are critical to the success of your business. The specific Rocks a Fractional Integrator would be responsible for can vary based on our client’s needs and priorities, but here are some examples:

  1. Process Improvement: Implementing new processes or improving existing ones to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within the organisation.

  2. Team Development: Focusing on building and developing high-performing teams by providing training, mentorship, and guidance.

  3. Technology Implementation: Overseeing the adoption of new technologies or systems that can streamline operations and support business growth.

  4. Financial Goals: Achieving specific financial objectives, such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, or improving profit margins.

  5. Customer Satisfaction: Implementing strategies to enhance customer experience, gather feedback, and improve customer satisfaction metrics.

  6. Project Rollouts: Leading the successful launch of important projects, products, or services, ensuring they meet deadlines and quality standards.

  7. Strategic Planning: Collaborating with the leadership team to develop and execute strategic plans that align with the company’s long-term vision.

  8. Organisational Alignment: Ensuring that all teams and departments are aligned with the company’s goals and strategies.

  9. Risk Management: Identifying potential risks to the business and implementing measures to mitigate them.

  10. Market Expansion: Driving efforts to enter new markets, expand the customer base, or diversify the company’s offerings.

  11. Talent Acquisition: Taking charge of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding key personnel to strengthen the organisation.

  12. Operational Efficiency: Optimising internal processes to reduce waste, improve productivity, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

These are just examples, and the specific Rocks assigned to your Fractional Integrator would depend on your unique circumstances, objectives, and challenges. The goal is to have your Fractional Integrator focus on initiatives that align with your company’s priorities and contribute to its growth and success.

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