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Thanks for filling in our survey. Now it’s onto the tests.

Remember, you only need to complete the tests that match your skillset.

We’re all about you working in your zone of genius and we’ll pair you up with clients and assign you projects where you shine.

If you’re all about improving we absolutely support that. We can supply training resources for you to work through in your own time and will reassess you when you’re ready to run the gauntlet!

At the end of the tests, you’ll have a chance to upload your portfolio or any other supporting documents you want us to see.  Note there is no time limit to do the tests, we know good things can take time!

Good luck!

If you have any questions about the tests, get in touch … a good relationship starts with communication and we’re here to help.

Your VA Testing

To get started with the Your VA tests,

Not only are we testing your skills, we also want to see some of your creativity and personality. So feel free to get creative and show us how you’d best present these tasks.


Once you’ve completed the tests you choose to do, share the link to your Google Drive folder with .

Let's Get Started!


Word test

Complete the following:

Excel test


Complete the following:


PowerPoint / PDF

Complete the following:



Complete the following:

Login to our test site in WordPress using the “Login with user name and password” option.  Note you may have to submit your login twice if you use Chrome to dismiss the cookie error:

Login URL:
Password: kIU)02PDN29oieM4IU2u6@&W


Email Marketing

Complete the following:

Social Media


Complete the following:

Remember to share your Google folder with us once you're done.

Save any other documents (your portfolio, testimonials, your CV etc.) that you’d like us to see in your Google Drive folder and we’ll be sure to take a look at these.

Thank you

We appreciate you taking the time to complete our tests 🙏

We’ll be in touch with you as soon as we’ve reviewed them.

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