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How we can support and add value to your events with virtual event management

Event planning in 2021 isn’t easy. 

We’ve successfully and sensitively postponed, moved online or cancelled depending on lockdown conditions during Covid-19 … we understand and plan for agility during these times, always with your best interests at heart.

What are the benefits of Your Virtual Assistant helping me with my events?

Working with Your Virtual Assistant to deliver your events means that you and your team can focus on what they do best and leave the event planning to us.

Events aren’t the only thing we do.

By adding us to your team of resources you have access to all our experts. 

We frequently find companies who try to organise events in-house don’t necessarily have a person with event experience managing them, which can often lead to mistakes or additional costs to incur.  If you work with experienced event managers (that’s us!) you utilise our extensive event experience and knowledge to ensure you deliver a professional and successful event, whilst ensuring you get the maximum value.


Our event coordinators have extensive experience within the corporate events industry and are very passionate about what they do.

Here’s an example of the types of business events we can help you with:

What event services can Your Virtual Assistant provide?

Your Virtual Assistant can help you with every aspect of planning for your event, from your initial idea right through to the day of your event. Just let us know how involved you want us to be and what aspects of the event you need support with.

We aren’t just limited to New Zealand – we can also organise events anywhere you are!

Event Planning: A to Z

We can help you with every aspect of planning for your event – from your initial idea to the day of your event. Just let us know how involved you want us to be and what aspects of the event you need support with. 

Here are the areas we can help with:

Project Management

There are so many details to consider when organising an event. We will work with you to ensure that you have everything covered and the event planning runs smoothly.

Delegate Management

Accurate delegate management is crucial for any event. We provide a seamless and effective delegate management service before, during and after your event.Your Virtual Assistant can also assist with all delegate communications – whether that’s by email, phone, post or text. Your delegates could be existing clients, new clients or staff, but we will always ensure that they are all handled in a professional and efficient manner.

Budget Management

Budget management is also critical for any event. We’ll work with you to organise an event within your budget. It’s extremely important to identify your budget for the event from the start of planning as event costs can quite easily spiral out of control.We can help to ensure that your budget is continually monitored and delivered within budget. In fact, we love negotiating with our suppliers to ensure we get the best deals for you and also look at where we can add value. Also, with our experience we can ensure that you have everything covered within your initial budget to avoid any ‘surprise’ costs later down the line.

Supplier Management

When organising an event, there are often several suppliers involved managing different elements of the event such as accommodation, travel, catering etc. – this means lots of back and forth with several different companies. Your Virtual Assistant can manage all your suppliers for you, ensuring they have all of the details they need for your event.

Venue/Supplier Research

There are so many different venues and suppliers out there now that it can be a difficult decision deciding which are best to use for your event. It can also be quite time consuming trawling through the internet to find the information you need and often you have to contact the company for full details, such as costs. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can provide you with a simple overview/summary to help you make that decision quicker. We can also provide guidance based on our experience and knowledge.

Travel Arrangements

With most events, travel arrangements are booked on behalf of the guests. Arrangements could include booking car parking, organising train tickets or even booking flights. When booking travel arrangements on behalf of guests it is crucial to ensure that all the details are correct and that the guest has all the information they need prior to travel.We can arrange all your guests travel on your behalf and ensure that everything is booked correctly so that you don’t have to worry.

Onsite Management

As our name suggests, we work virtually so prior to your event Your Virtual Assistant will provide you with an ‘Event Manual’ which will contain all of the contacts for the event and details of what’s been arranged for you – including a detailed schedule.


However, if you would prefer us to be onsite managing or helping with your event then just let us know and we can arrange this for you.

150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant does the tasks you don’t do, can’t do and shouldn’t do. 

Download our free guide on 150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant for a comprehensive list of our services.

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