Women Who Have Inspired Me

March 5, 2015

Gotta love LinkedIn, a helpful email from a Publisher editor suggested a post about a woman who has inspired me to celebrate International Woman’s Day #IWD2015 coming up on the 8th March.  That solves this week’s ‘what to blog’ question.  Problem.  I can’t pick out one woman. So, this post is my dedication to the hundreds of thousands of brilliant women out there who give, inspire, motivate, mentor and support us.

On a personal level, the email was excellent timing and brings me to my first dedication – who I’d just got back to the office after meeting and telling her what she has done for me; how she has motivated me by osmosis!

I meet Debra Chantry of Ventell a few years ago, a referral from a mutual friend.  Back then she was a one man band, coaching business owners while running workshops, giving keynotes and was one of those no-nonsense yet completely transparent women who after a coffee I knew I wanted in.  In supporting and working with Debra I was well on track to my goal of surrounding myself with clients who inspire me to do better.  Last year while working god knows how many hours Debra decided to grow Ventell into an even bigger entity and developed a team of specialists to support her clients.  I remember thinking how can I possibly think I’m too busy to grow my business.  If Debra can do this while managing her commitments, there are no excuses for me not to do better.  So I do.  Debra inspired me to stop with the reasons why not and start coming up with reasons why.

Another referral even longer ago was the gorgeous Louise Thompson.  A phone call out of the blue which literally changed my life.  Why?  Louise, like all of us, has come through some rough times and some great ones.  What makes her inspirational is the positive energy she puts out, the empathy she delivers in spades while coming up with solutions, tools, support and the sheer grit needed to turn the lives of thousands of people each week through her articles, newsletters and coaching.  Another example of more to do than there are hours in the day,  she has built a business around her passion and in doing so literally changes lives.  Her regular emails telling me I’m awesome, saying thank you for something I’ve done well and let’s move forward where I haven’t make my days shine.  Louise taught me about work-life balance, about coming through my own shitty times with dignity intact, Louise makes me smile.  

More inspirational women?  I am surrounded by way too many to credit in one post but Kirsten Hodgson came to me via LinkedIn.  Another example of why surrounding yourself with inspirational, positive people make you … better.  I count Kirsten as a friend, she’s also taught me about ethics in the scary world that is social media and in business, Kirsten has shown me how aiming high reaps rewards.  A more intelligent, connected and supportive person would be hard to find; she’s also frantically busy yet takes time out to listen – she’s my sounding board, a voice of reason and always open to new ideas.  Kirsten inspires me to stop.  Think. And aim high.

Without these and so many more inspirational influences in my life, I would NOT have the business, the balance or the ambition I have.  These women are the making of me.

Surrounding yourself with achievers makes you achieve.  

Surrounding yourself with inspiration inspires you.  

Surrounding yourself with positivity keeps you positive.

Surrounding yourself with successful women is priceless.


Who has inspired you?


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