Customer Feedback – Dealing With Negatives

July 19, 2015

When @#$ hits the fan in business it’s so very tempting to pop your head in the sand for a bit and come out when it’s blown over.  Problem is, it doesn’t.

Judging by the number of requests I receive for my customer complaint log template, shit hits the fan a LOT!

How do we deal with it?  Well we put on our big boy pants and tackle the problem head on.

  1. Find out all the facts.
  2. Talk to the customer.
  3. Talk to your staff.
  4. How did the problem happen … identify causes.
  5. How can we resolve the problem.
  6. Implement preventative and corrective action.
  7. Convey solution (with sincere apology) to the client and show how this particular shit has triggered improvements to our process/systems.
  8. Move on.

That’s fairly dumbed down and an exaggeration of some feedback we received in a recent customer survey.  While gutted to receive some negative feedback which related to a particular job, we appreciate that receiving this created an opportunity to make some changes.

First instinct … crap, so very gutted a client was unhappy with our service (commence head in sand pose).

Second instinct … let’s clean this !@#$ up and make sure it never happens again.

Conclusion … happy client received a credit and knows their feedback helped us identify a problem (since solved).

So, when @#$!TT hits the fan … roll your sleeves up and get cleaning.  Attitude is everything.

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