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As a member of the VBM Academy you will learn what it means to be a VBM offering high-value services with fewer clients, translating to a better work-life balance with financial security and recognition.

Helping VA's Reach Their Full Potential: VBM Academy

We’ve been inundated with applications to join our team, in the last few years the VA industry here in NZ has exploded with hundreds of virtual assistants in the market. We’re also seeing an increased demand from business owners who need the higher level of support that a Virtual Business Manager can provide.

How to meet that demand?

With one of the team having gone through an international certification and seeing the misalignment between a very US based ‘OBM’ (online business manager) role and what our clients look for in a VBM … there’s a gap.  So we got together and discussed:

  • How to upskill our team to meet client demand
  • How to help VAs reach their potential as VBMs

With 22 years’ experience in the virtual assistant industry and the knowledge that we already perform at VBM level for many of our clients, we decided to leverage our knowledge and experience and create the VBM Academy.  Our vision is to provide a training platform for VA’s who want to upskill and gain the confidence to perform at the VBM level.

The validation work we’ve done has identified the biggest question with VA’s looking to step up is, “what exactly does a virtual business manager do, how does it differ from the VA role and will I be a good fit”.  That’s what we’ll be answering for you in this first mini-course.

Would you be a good fit to work with clients in a Virtual Business Manager capacity?

If you’re not sure, join us as we demystify the role, characteristics, core competencies and benefits of a Virtual Business Manager in “My VBM Potential”.  We’ve deliberately kept this course short and at a low price point, we don’t want there to be any barriers to you signing up.  At the end of the course you’ll know whether:

  • You want to be a VBM 
  • You want to be a VBM but you’re not ready, not there yet
  • You are a great VA and happy with that 

So, will you join us?

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Say goodbye to your high maintenance clients, and eat dinner with your family instead of your Trello board! We'll show you everything you need to know about stepping into the VBM role in this 2-hour introductory course.

50 Ways to Boost Business

This guide will give you clarity on exactly how as a VBM you'll be supporting clients.

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