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Our virtual admin services include but are not limited to:

Business Administration

Executive Assistant Service

Customer Service

Microsoft Office

Executive Assistance for Corporate Executives

You’re working in the corporate space feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, spending too much time on tasks which take you away from your core objectives.  Admin, details and personal relationships are our jam!  We love keeping your calendar working for you, making sure you have time to get to the meetings you need to get to. 

You’ll enjoy working with someone outside of your organisation who’s there just for you, making sure those flowers are delivered on time … with just the right message, that your expenses have all the receipts needed so you’re paid on time (the first time!) and more than just an assistant, someone to be proactive at keeping you on top of everything so you don’t have to be juggling quite so many balls.  

Our mission is to make you look good.

150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant does the tasks you don’t do, can’t do and shouldn’t do. 

Download our free guide on 150 Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant for a comprehensive list of all our services.

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