Small Business Time Management – No Device Required

May 28, 2015

You busy? Sometimes it feels like these two words replace, “Hi, how’s your day”.  So here’s another two words to use instead.



No fancy smart phone apps, no cloud based software.  Two. Words. (Devices have their place but those goodies can wait ’til next week’s post!)


These two words will solve your small business time management woes and yes, you’ll replace those minutes … hours … and days that have always gone up in a puff of smoke with quality time spent doing what you choose to spend your time doing.  Yeah right, I hear you thinking.  Right.  I promise!


  • Yes. I’m going to turn off my phone, email and notifications while I’m working on tasks.
  • Yes. I’m going to plan my day and stick to that plan.
  • Yes. My meetings will have agendas and outcomes, and I’ll make sure we stick to these.
  • Yes. I’m going to delegate the tasks I don’t need to do myself.
  • Yes. I’m going to eat regularly and take breaks.
  • Yes. I’m going to group emails and respond in one email only.
  • Yes. Left brain, right brain.  Schedule tasks accordingly.
  • Yes. I’m going to do the hardest tasks first today.  And every day.
  • Yes. At the end of the day I’ll look at my to do list. And grin!


  • No. We can’t catch up today but I’m free Friday at 2.
  • No. This spreadsheet isn’t working.  Stop. Delegate.
  • No. If I do this task I won’t achieve today’s goals.  Schedule for tomorrow.
  • No. Coffee is out but we could Skype if that suits.
  • No. Procrastination is not my friend.
  • No. That didn’t work well last time. Stop. Think. Change the process.
  • No. When I multi-task I get in a flap. Focus.
  • No. I’m not sending that out in a rush.  Check and double check.  (Measure once, cut twice.)
  • No. I’m not taking on any new clients right now but I can work with you next month.
  • No. I am not a machine.  Ease up and cut yourself some slack.
  • No. There are x working hours in my day. That task will just have to wait.

Think about the day ahead. Can you apply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that will save you time?  Will either of these words help you manage your time better?  We only have so much time available each day … it’s up to you to choose you spend this time.

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