Time Management Tips for Exhausted Entrepreneurs

May 19, 2015

Are you exhausted trying to run your business on your own? Do you know how to delegate? As an effective small to medium business owner, you need to rely on other people to help you get all the work done. Here’s how Your VA can help you do exactly that.

I finally met up with one of my oldest (not literally!) and dearest clients today. They run a property management business in Melbourne and as long as I’ve known them, they have worked 24/7. The property management business means you are always on call, admin is a big part of the day (property management systems have some catching up to do) and time never stops.

They are exhausted.

To quote, “we are so busy running around coping with day to day, we can’t think about our business … we’re stuck in the hamster wheel and daren’t jump out.”

So, we had a conversation about time and what needs to change.  This post is for all the Anne’s and Tony’s who are simply exhausted.

  1. Delegate, don’t abdicate: Being an effective small business owner means relying on other people to help you get all of the work done. The key thing about delegation is to avoid “abdicating”. You need to avoid giving staff responsibilities without effectively preparing them, you also need to make sure checks are in place so you can be confident the standard of work meets your requirements.
  2. Harness technology: Incorporate technology into your business. For example, replace physical meetings with Skype, long emails with instant messaging.  If you have a task you do manually, chances are there is an app that will do it in less time, just make sure you choose wisely.  An app must make your day more productive, more efficient and add value rather than being used for the sake of it.
  3. Start with a bang: Before you even peek at your emails, do a task.  Just ticking that first item off your to-do list really sets you up with a positive beginning to your day and gets your most important task (and I select this task the night before) done!
  4. Only you: there are some tasks only you can do.  It might be meeting a client, setting your budget or putting together a promotion.  For anything else, think carefully about who can help you.  Yes, it might take an hour to train or write out instructions, but each 5-minute daily task you delegate saves you half an hour a week or 2 hours a month … do the math!
  5. Planning is your friend: Although this is a no-brainer, it is imperative to time management and, to your sanity. Set goals and create timelines associated with them. Make sure you allow for the unexpected and be realistic. The worst thing you can do is set yourself up to fail. By planning your days and weeks, knowing your goals and the required tasks and support needed to meet these … you will get there.
  6. Take time for yourself: I have many clients who book ‘office days’.  These days are dedicated to creativity and working on their business (as opposed to working in it) and are guarded fiercely.  Take time to get your creative groove on, and make time for yourself .. your family … and did I say yourself?  This time will fuel you through the 18-hour workdays.

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