The Mighty Wishlist (an entrepreneur’s BFF)

February 4, 2016

I always enjoy my strategy sessions with clients but at this time of year in particular they are fantastic.  You’ve had time to reflect on last year (the good, the bad and the ugly) and you’re full of ideas as to how this year’s going to go.  Today during one such session I talked about the mighty wishlist and my client got so excited I wanted to share it with you – hopefully, you’ll be inspired to do your own!

A wish list is totally different to your to-do list.  For one, it’s more fun – and less a ‘have to do’ than a ‘want to do’.  It’s a list of what you want to achieve this year and can be applied to both your personal life and your business.  A to-do list is those ‘must do’s’ and often short term.  A wish list is what you would accomplish if time, resources, money, skill … wasn’t a factor.

I suggested to my client, who’s buzzing with ideas, goals and changes she wants to implement this year, that it would be of huge value to both my team and hers if she puts these ideas and wants into a list.  And then prioritises each item.  We’ll work through the wishlist when we have unused hours in her monthly package or ask for more time to complete those high priority items that will add the most value.

Then, in six month’s time we’ll relook at the wishlist.  We’ll celebrate what’s been achieved and recognise the difference it’s made to her business.  Then we’ll re-visit items still on the list and discuss changes, reprioritise, add new wishes and continue to work through them.  A living list.

The Mighty Wishlist (an entrepreneur's BFF)

So, how best to do this?  Today’s client is off to mind map her wishlist, she’s a visual planner.  And I’ve quickly drafted my own (I inspired myself!) in the screenshot above.  Here’s some other ways to capture those wishes into a shareable resource that you can work on with your team, your VA, or if you’re a DIY’er … work on at your own pace.

  • Evernote folder
  • Calendar or Outlook Task
  • Document
  • Mind Map
  • Scribbled Notes (take a photo)
  • Whiteboard
  • Project


The best part of today’s strategy session was when my client said how valuable our hour had been for her.  This is the part of what I do I really love the most.  Being a business partner and sounding board.  Offering solutions based on mistakes I’ve made and wins achieved.  Solutions based on what’s worked for other clients and where they’ve added the most value in the shortest time.  Today’s challenge was about not repeating mistakes and frustrations made over the past year by having some actions in place that didn’t get lost in the day to day rush.  By implementing a wish list we’ll make steady progress on the changes and improvements (wishes!) needed to make this year a better one.


Not sure where to start?  I told my client to list the top 5 frustrations she had last year and we discussed solutions to these frustrations.  I asked her to think about what difference it would make to have these frustrations disappear.  And how she’ll feel in a year’s time if those same frustrations still exist.

These solutions are the first items to go on her wishlist.  These are priorities.

Once she’s listed these I assured her the wishes will start flowing.  Note them ALL! Because this is a living list, wishes can be changed, added to or removed.

Share your wishlist – important!  You’ll need help to start ticking off these little beauties.

Measure.  As always.  Make a diary note to revisit progress.  In this case we’ll report what we’ve accomplished in her monthly progress report.

Celebrate what is achieved. Keep going!

My mindmap is now up on my pinboard 🙂

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