Templates for Small Business

These templates have been designed to assist you in your small business, both internally and externally.  Templates will enable you to create continuity throughout your procedures, save you time and present a professional image to your clients and suppliers.

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Select a template(s) from the following list:

Blog Post Template

Blog Post Template:  This template breaks down the blog post, giving you tips to increase readership; SEO and quality of content.

SWOT Analysis Template (Project Analysis)

S.W.O.T Analysis (Project) Template: SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.

SWOT Analysis Template (Competitor)

S.W.O.T Analysis (Competitor Analysis) Template: A competitor analysis tool to build detailed profiles of each competitor, focusing on relative competitive strengths and weaknesses using SWOT analysis.  The SWOT analysis is also a good tool to highlight your unique point of difference.

Social Media Task List

Social Media Task List: Create a social media task list to complete your daily social media activities.  Having a task list will assist with focus, coverage, consistency and time management but remember that this is a constantly changing list.  As social media functions, options, networks and your analytics (measurements) change, so must your task list.

Smart Goal Worksheet

SMART Goal Work Sheet: Use the attached SMART Goal template to identify your goals.  Once you have you goal it is a simple task to set your strategy and break this down into workable action plans.

Client Registration Form

Client Registration Form:  A client registration form will ensure you have all information required to provide your clients with excellent customer service and increase internal productivity by entering information into appropriate systems immediately.  There is nothing worse than having a new customer phone through an order to find that the sales team doesn’t have their account set up.

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