It’s Easier to Tell It Than to Type It [video vs email]

August 17, 2016

This week’s pearl of wisdom is straight from a clever client. Rather than type a long email going through some changes in a branding guide we are working on, he sent us a video.

He was happy, what would have taken him 20 minutes to type up took him about 3.

Lisa, our (amazing) graphics designer was happy. No miscommunication or reading between the lines. By watching his video she could quickly see the changes that needed to be made.

So, next time you take a deep breath and get ready to type up a long email to your VA, accountant, coach, designer, staff member …. think about sending them a link to a video.

Digby used Jing by Techsmith (free – with time limitations), they also have a paid product called SnagIt which is easy to use.

If you don’t need to show your screen, use audio alone to communicate. Use your phone while stuck in traffic, at the gym or early for a meeting to record your message and email the file when you’re in the office (or better yet, from your phone and it’s done).

As mentioned above benefits are time savings for you and the recipient, less time in your inbox, more efficient collaboration and more productive communication.

Win Win!

What tip do you have on ways to communicate that don’t require laborious typing?

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