Learn From My (Social Media) Mistakes

June 24, 2015

I’ve been active on social media nearly as long as I’ve been a virtual assistant and boy oh boy, I’ve made my fair share of social media mistakes.  So this week, rather than be positive and tell you what you should do, I’m going to give you a bit of a reality hit and tell you my top social media mistakes.  So you don’t make them!

Here goes:

Not double checking posts and updates for spelling and grammar.

You’re on your phone and rushing to post your update before your meeting starts.  Stop!  Always double check your spelling and grammar, it looks really bad when a typo goes out to your network … and it’s embarrassing when pointed out!

Always sharing other peoples content.

Nobody likes a ‘me me me’ on social media and I sometimes overdo this by not adding my own into the mix.  Follow the 80/20 rule in social media, for every 10 updates you post … 8 should be external, 2 should direct readers to your site / promotion / or other call to action.

Being inconsistent.

I preach my clients about being consistent yet when I’m tied up with client work (which is always!) my own networks suffer.  I now have one of my team doing my content marketing so even if I’m not getting time to engage, I’m present.

Following everyone who follows me.

It just seems like good manners right!  Wrong.  Does everyone you follow follow you in return?  I now only follow those who add value to my day, whether they help me to upskill, are active in my industry, someone I’d like to work with or create a relationship with.  Anyone else is just noise in my news feeds.

Not Thanking connections for sharing, engaging and recommendations or endorsements.

During my ‘busy’ periods, I haven’t logged on to see who’s been awesome enough to engage with me or my content.  Huge mistake.  I now have push notifications for all these so I can thank on the run (so no ‘too busy’ excuses for me).

Last but not least, misinterpretation.

I’ve sometimes been a bit too clever for my boots and a smart/funny or clever update that makes perfect sense in my head … doesn’t quite translate in written word.  If in doubt, backspace it out!  The last thing you want to do is send out the wrong message … a message you have no idea how someone interprets it, until they question you.

That’s it!  I’ve made more mistakes but these jump to mind.  Now that I’ve bared my soul it’s your turn to ‘fess up.  Tell me a mistake you’ve made (and learned from).


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