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$360.00 + GST (NZ only)

Do you struggle across your business when it comes to the consistency of your brand?

Without a guide it’s time-consuming to share your brand elements with your team and contractors.   A brand guide will help communicate your brand both internally to your staff and externally to your customers, quickly and efficiently. It’s an important resource in helping everyone understand:

  • Your brand identity including your mission, core values, personality, and tone
  • Your brand assets including your logo, colour palette, typeface, background

Whether you’re just starting out as a new business, or you’re an existing business considering a rebrand, setting your brand guide is an excellent first step in helping your staff and customers understand more about who you are.

There are some rules around creating a unified identity and connecting the various elements within your brand. Lucky for you, our graphic designer understands exactly what these are!

Working with our graphic designer, we’ll create a brand guide that will ensure your brand:

  • Is consistent across your website, marketing material and any other communication
  • Has set rules and standards when it comes to your brand’s visual elements
  • Is recognisable to both customers and internal staff
  • Stays focused on what you do
  • Adds value to your business by remaining cohesive
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We’ll create a brand guide to help establish consistency with your brand, keeping things clear and concise for all users. We cover the basics including colour palette specifications, logo usage and font usage.
  • You supply logo files and any information you currently have on fonts, colours (we may ask for further information to ensure you get the best results)
  • Includes 2 rounds of edits
  • Once final, we supply you with a PDF version of your new Brand Guide.
We can also update your marketing collateral in line with your new brand guide so everything you send out is consistent and represents your brand accurately.  Our ‘off the shelve’ products to support this include Word Document Template, PowerPoint Template and Social Media Banners.
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