Preparing For Your Online Launch

October 5, 2016

What an exciting, overwhelming, mind blowing project! Preparing for your online launch is daunting to newbies and challenging for the more experienced. Here’s a couple of tips to make sure your next launch is a walk in the park (with time to play on the swings!):

  1. Prepare well in advance.
  2. Set SMART goals – I know, I harp on about these but setting goals is what those that succeed to!
  3. Clear your calendar. Preparing a launch takes time so plan now to put aside the time you need.
  4. Set milestones. What needs to be finalised by when. Last minute deadlines are a surefire way of making mistakes.
  5. Source expertise. Recognise what you can do and outsource what you can’t.
  6. Communicate! And I’m not saying send hundreds of emails, use a project management system, closed Facebook group, weekly skypes or a simple spreadsheet. Plan your communication so as not to overwhelm or confuse your team.

We are seeing more and more clients looking at leveraging their services through online launches. Planned and executed well; these are a way to grow your network, increase your income and set up well can be repeated time and time again. So prepare well, go forth and succeed!

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