Pinterest Buyable Pins, Are You Ready NZ?

August 5, 2015

Pinterest is one of my best referrers for site traffic, yet I don’t spend much time there … or engage as well as I should do.  Why?  Pinterest still has the concept of being little brother to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most of my own limited time resource is spent on these networks. That could change with Buyable Pins.  Currently available to iPhone and iPad users in the US, once rolled out to other countries (New Zealand please) this has fantastic possibilities for business.

One of the advantages Pinterest has over other social networks is longevity.  People following your boards can quickly browse through pins you posted yesterday … and a year ago.  As a shopping cart type scenario, buyable pins is a mobile and social way to sell your products or services.   How? Obviously ideal for retail and B2C type businesses, these pins have possibilities for service providers as well.

How a B2B company could use Buyable Pins

  • Business Coach – coaching sessions
  • Law Firm- initial consultations
  • Virtual Assistant – monthly packages
  • Dentist – teeth whitening promotions
  • LinkedIn Trainer – workshops
  • HR Company – employment contracts
  • the list goes on!

More ways to use Pinterest? 

StopPress recently published a fantastic article about the Pinterest platform and how New Zealand companies are using it, Should Brands Pin Their Hopes On Pinterest and while it’s a great tool for selling and driving users to your site, it’s also a research opportunity you could be utilising:

And not only is Pinterest a good marketing platform, it’s also a good place to discover what your demographic wants to purchase, by looking at the type of products collected in their different boards.

Conclusion.  Here in NZ there is definitely a Pinterest following, and if your market is international Pinterest is definitely a network to consider in your strategy.  The fact that it isn’t saturated by NZ businesses could work in your favour … be a leader and get a step up over your competition.


  1. Create a private board in Pinterest called Market Research.
  2. Start following some of the companies already using buyable pins.
  3. Start following some of your competitors (up to 5 key players).
  4. Start following some of your target audience (up to 5 heavy Pinterest users).
  5. Watch and learn.  Note what pins work well and how those pins are put together.  Which pins are generating the most engagement?  Which pins are your audience following?
  6. Draft a strategy for your own Pinterest campaign.
  7. Be ready to launch your own Buyable Pins when they roll out to your country.
  8. As always – measure, review and change your strategy until it’s a lean mean marketing machine!

And have fun!

Your thoughts, do you see how you could use Pinterest better in your own marketing?

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