Paid Social Media Campaigns … A Comparison

September 2, 2015

As mentioned in this month’s newsletter, paid social media campaigns are the way social is going and an important part of your online marketing strategy.  One of the main questions we are asked is when to use these, for what and how much of a budget is needed?

Social Media Strategy vs Paid Social Media Campaigns

Your social media strategy will focus on a couple of factors:

  • Building credibility
  • Becoming known as an expert in your industry
  • Building your network
  • Building one-on-one relationships

Your paid social media campaigns can complement the above by:

  • Promoting upcoming events and workshops
  • Promoting free giveaways
  • Promoting a special offer
  • Promoting upcoming webinars
  • (and so much more)

…in order to sell products and build your lists.

By promoting these parts of your business through paid campaigns, this means the integrity of your social media strategy is intact.  You DON’T promote when content marketing, building networks and engaging.  You DO promote when using paid social media campaigns.  And really important to note … both aspects of your strategy need to be about helping your target audience, solving their pain points.  When designing your campaign think about what motivates you to click … and why.

So, which network should you promote on?

Rather than reinvent the wheel I found an excellent comparison in this article, social media advertising for small businesses.  In it, Dan Shewan takes you through the pros and cons for each network covering 4 main points:

  • Advertising reach
  • Ad formats
  • Advertising performance
  • Targeting options

Case Study

To give you a bit of a case study, I recently promoted my free small business toolbox on Facebook and LinkedIn (my 2 main referral networks).

I spent NZ$100 on each campaign.

Facebook bought me the most subscribers at a cost of 0.82c per subscriber (1.83% CTR).

LinkedIn on the other hand cost $5.00 per subscriber (0.875% CTR).

I’ve also supported the paid campaigns by promoting the tool box through a pop-up box, badges on high traffic blog posts and throughout my site.

On the face of it, Facebook looks like the most successful campaign, however of the LinkedIn subscribers 80% were converted into customers as opposed to none of the Facebook subscribers.  Therefore my next campaign will be in LinkedIn exclusively as this was the most successful campaign.  If I was to run the campaign on Facebook again, I’d change the landing page slightly as I’m not reaching my ideal target market.  The landing page worked well, it converted visits to subscribers … they just weren’t my ideal subscribers.

The message here is not to look at click rates alone but to measure your campaign through all milestones to your end goal.  How many people turned up to your webinar or brought your book?  How many subscribers turned into clients?

A cohesive campaign will reap you more benefits than the odd post promotion and a well thought out landing page can be the make or break of your campaign.  Just remember, it’s a matter of testing (and more testing) until you find the right formula for your business … and your customers.  Then my friend, you’re home free!


  1. Think about your goal, what do you want to achieve from your campaign.
  2. Design your landing page.  You have approx 7 seconds for your reader to decide whether to click.  Focus on their pain point and the solution you are offering. Create a few different versions of the page so you can use split testing to measure which converts better.
  3. Read the article social media advertising for small businesses and decide which networks you want to promote your campaign on.
  4. Launch your campaigns.
  5. Measure your results. Note what worked well, and what didn’t.  
  6. Tweak your campaigns.
  7. Run your campaign again; consistency and measured repetition will pay off.

Your turn now, what’s one of your pet hates when looking at landing pages?

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