You Have A New Client … Now What?

October 14, 2015

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve worked with clients on this process I’d be in a hammock on a tropical island right now.  You have a new client … now what?  Do you have a process to make sure your client is treated to the best customer service EVER?  For some of you the answer is, “Of course.  Duh!” For others this is work in progress … and if you’ve identified it’s work in progress you’re half way there.

I have a template in our project management software that tracks this process for me, from original enquiry or referral right through to infinity and beyond.  Because – I never used to have one and clients missed out.

Why go to the trouble?

Two reasons … time, and customer experience.  Without a process you might find you’re entering information into 3 or 4 different systems (time).  Your new customer might not hear from you for a while (customer experience). You may be missing out on repeat business (customer experience). You’re staff or team might not be able to find information they need or you may forget conversations with critical points to follow up on (time AND customer experience).  We don’t want you using that customer complaint form at this stage of the game!

On the other hand… having a new client process in place means you can relax; knowing nothing will be forgotten or duplicated and you’re working as efficiently as possible.  Best of all, you have a happy client who knows they are in for a superior service!

The HOW of a new client process

This is different for every company.  I’ll share my process with you to give you an example but it all depends on your systems, your communications and information to be shared.  Look at how your systems can integrate to avoid costly time spent on data entry (yawn!) … do you have your emails, CRM, newsletter tool, accounting, project management, cloud storage all integrated?  Doing so is probably one of the smartest things you can do and there are tools (like Zapier) that can help with this.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Enquiry received
  2. Load prospect into PWF; create prospect project (ProWorkFlow)
  3. Follow and connect across social media accounts
  4. Prospect added to ‘prospect’ list in Mailchimp (Zap)
  5. Invite to 20 minute discovery (TimeTrade)
  6. Complete contact profile in PWF
  7. Profile ‘zapped’ to CRM (Nimble)
  8. Create new client folder in Drive
  9. Deliver discovery session
  10. Update discovery form capturing information from session (Drive – link added to PWF profile)
  11. Email client following discovery with package info, flyer and letter of engagement (email template in PWF – docs in Drive folder)
  12. Respond to any questions in response to email OR follow up email if no response after 7 days.
  13. Prospect confirms package and returns signed letter of engagement.
  14. Change to client list (Mailchimp) and update tags (PWF, Nimble) to x package.
  15. Save letter in client folder (Drive)
  16. Email client their welcome email with the info they need (email template in PWF) and attached first repeating invoice (Xero)
  17. Schedule initial session (TimeTrade)
  18. Deliver skype to discuss priorities, resources needed and introduce to project manager.
  19. Project manager loads notes from skype into Drive and links to project management (PWF)
  20. Project manager sets up monthly progress report and invoicing task (PWF)
  21. Set up projects and assign tasks to contractor (PWF), assign client to project
  22. First project completed
  23. Send customer satisfaction survey (Survey Monkey) and share results with contractor.  Identify any areas for improvement.
  24. One Month Anniversary: Send monthly invoice, monthly progress report and invite to monthly strategy session (Xero)
  25. Three Month Anniversary: Send second survey.
  26. Report survey results, share with contractor and reply to client.

That’s it, seems a big list but a lot of this is automated and takes about half an hour admin in total. And we’re set, the client has all the information they need from us, they receive regular newsletters and we listen via the surveys.  My team has all the background and information they need to know (and this includes their pain points, goals and where their business is at from the skypes we have had). And I can relax knowing the client is well understood and taken care of.

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