My Most Successful Clients Have Face Time

November 25, 2015

As many professional service providers move towards leveraging their time better with online programmes and products, mastermind groups, webinars and group chats there’s a trend emerging.

My most successful clients and the ones who command the most money for their services are those who provide face time for their clients.  Sitting down with them, one-on-one and talking with them.  Listening to them.  These clients generally also have other income streams generating funds but for their top 20% of clients, they offer their time.

Why?  Because nothing gives value as much as you sitting in front of your client listening (and then talking).  Emails, online programmes, online chats etc. all make communication so much easier and allow you to communicate more but it’s a one dimensional form of conversation.  Sitting in front of your customers and chatting (did I mention listening!) is how you give that value only you can give – in person.  It’s from these conversations that the little tips come that you don’t necessary get from written communication.  The little gripes they may have but didn’t feel important enough to raise with you by email.  The other things they may be experiencing which impacts on your service to them.  The tiny wins working with you may have helped them achieve.

This information and the sharing of it is where they get the most value.

But here’s a biggie.  How can you leverage your time and increase your income streams without these conversations?  It’s the information coming from these that gives you the knowledge about their pain points, their challenges and their wins.  It’s knowing what you did that helped them achieve these wins and what areas they struggled with. And it’s these that form the basis to the online products you are offering.  It’s the little tit-bits of information that make the difference between what you promote in your next eBook and what your competitors are putting out.  It’s this insider, in depth and current information that helps you with your content, your delivery choices and your marketing.  Not to mention, the level of customer service you’re providing.

You don’t get this if you’re not communicating face to face.

What would I know (I hear you thinking!)?  I don’t do a lot of face to face. I skype with clients regularly and this comes close but it’s when we catch up for a coffee or schedule a face to face brain storming session that I find out what I’m doing well, what needs to change NOW, how I’m meeting my clients needs and where we need more resources.  It’s during these conversations I find out their goals, their business needs and their personal challenges.  It’s also these clients who I do catch up with (and skype is right up there in terms of value – not as good as having a coffee with, but in a busy and virtual world it does work well) that are with me for years.  That I have the strongest relationships with.  That I do the most work with.

So, look at your communication strategy.  Define the tools you use and map out how you use these and when. When to SMS, when to pick up the phone, when to tweet and when to email.  Make sure you’re making time for the customers who need that face time and that you’re both getting the best possible value from this time.  There are more benefits in providing this service when you stop to think about it than you realise!

Your thoughts?  Do you have face time and what are the benefits for your business?

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