Marketing Step 1: Be Awesome

August 15, 2018

I’m hooked on podcasts, in particular the MFCEO Project Podcast run by Andy Frisella. In a recent episode he talked about how to get everyone talking about your brand and something he said really resonated with me. In short, be awesome at what you do.

So marketing, yes. You definitely need to be present, build your brand and connect with those you want to work with. But that’s not a shortcut, your focus should be on being amazing. Being the best service provider, coach, blogger, widget seller … that has ever existed. Surround yourself with like-minded people and the law of attraction kicks in. If you’re someone who does an outstanding job at what you do, others want a piece of that. They WANT to work with you!

Andy talked about all the merchandise he gets sent in return for plugs on his show. Merchandise that is in the startup phase, untested and not the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn’t plug (I don’t think he even keeps the merch). Instead he talks about someone who makes and sells the best damn knifes made and sold in the States, by someone he now calls a friend, but who has never once offered him a free knife – because they’re the best – he doesn’t HAVE to give them away.

How to be awesome at what you do?

  • Constant improvement: I’ve yet to meet anyone perfect but those who are constantly upskilling and adapting to (no! make that leading) change and improvement impress me.
  • Listen: Listen to your clients, your team, your peers and your thought leaders.  Listen with your mouth firmly closed and take those nuggets of advice on board.  Be open to other ideas. Note to self: take own advice and listen!
  • Confidence: Back yourself!  Confidence (as opposed to cockiness) builds trust in those who have relationships with you, no one really wants to work with someone who doesn’t inspire trust in their ability to solve your problem.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Mistakes while giving you that sick feeling in your tum at the time are worth their weight in gold.  We all make them!  Use the mistakes to improve your processes and systems, above all – always own up to your mistakes.  Sorry goes a long way.
  • Add value: Whether it’s going above and beyond in the service you provide, going out of your way for a colleague, making an introduction or simply sending a gift to say thanks … try to add value constantly.  There’s nothing worse than working with someone who only ever wants to meet requirements.  Exceed requirements!

Am I awesome at what I do – yes (proudly).  I care about being exceptional and leading an exceptional team.  Am I perfect, oh hell no – some of the mistakes we make are embarrassing – but they are fodder for a new system or process.

Am I a constant marketer, no.  But as explained in my article about the social unseen, sometimes focus needs to be on meeting client expectations and business development initiatives … so sometimes my actions and awesomeness (OMG!) need to be our cheerleader … not how often I’m posting on social.

What about you … are you awesome?

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