How To Build Targeted, Qualified Lists

September 9, 2015

I was asked by a client last week to put together a brief ‘how to’ guide for the process of growing targeted, qualified lists and as this seems to be a hot topic right now, hopefully the tips below will be of use to you too.

Why build targeted lists? In short having these lists will help your marketing and communications to be more effective.  By attracting the right people and segmenting them by their location / industry / pain point you can show them the solutions and send them the emails that really connect with what they are looking for.

How to build targeted lists

  1. Identify your target markets (or clients). These will become your lists and the more targeted these are, the more you’ll be able to focus your communications and offers to meet their needs.
  2. Identify an ethical offer for each of these target markets. (free eBook, template, consultation, check list, white paper, tool, event etc)
  3. Create a landing page for these offers. The landing page should focus on their main pain point, the solution your offer provides and a main call to action. Keep copy brief and to the point, you have approx. 7 seconds to convince your reader to click on your call to action.
  4. Market these landing pages to your target points through social media paid campaigns, adword campaigns, banner adverts, in articles/blog posts, badges on your site and even email signatures.
  5. Measure each campaign and change your process as you go.
    1. Not enough clicks: you need to change your paid campaign and/or ethical bribe.
    2. Plenty of clicks but not subscribing: you need to change your landing page.
    3. Plenty of subscribers but no enquiries: change your autoresponders and/or the call to action in your ethical bribe.
  6. Integrate your landing page with your CRM or newsletter tool (Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Aweber etc) and create a series of auto-responders where you communicate with your new subscriber. Be helpful, offer advice and resources they may appreciate, showcase testimonials and start to build relationships. Make your call to action on each email soft (no hard sells) and clear.
    Examples of call to actions:

    1. Complete a short survey (feedback on eBook etc)
    2. Book a free consultation
    3. Contact for more information on xxx
  7. As a general rule they will receive an autoresponder following their click through on your landing page immediately, with their free tool. Then send a follow up in a week’s time and two more follow-ups fortnightly. This gives you 4 email touch points over 5 weeks. Monitor click rates and open rates of these autoresponders and edit if you find open rates fall throughout the auto responder series. Subscribers who are clicking each email multiple times could also be invited to meet offline as they are obviously interested in your content. Again, pitch as wanting to help them in their business (rather than selling your service).
  8. Move the conversation to a monthly newsletter following the autoresponders.

Help us out, what’s something you’ve done that’s been successful in growing your list?

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