How To Be An Even Better Super Hero

January 7, 2015

You’ve got your trusty sidekick and you’re now part of a dynamic duo.  What next?

The first priority is to look at the time you’ve saved yourself by partnering up.  Guard this time religiously!  If it used to take you 2 hours each day to respond to emails and is now taking you half an hour, block out the 1 1/2 hours in your calendar.  Go back to the homework you did from “Every Super Hero Needs a Good Sidekick” and from that let’s do some planning.

Try using the SMART goal system to help you achieve your super hero’ness.  By doing this you can then break down your to-do list into easy to manage, prioritised tasks.  You now have your sidekick to help you work through these tasks!  Identify the tasks only you can do and slot these into your one and a half hour time slots blocked out in your calendar.  Constantly monitor how you are tracking on your goals.

Me as a super hero?  I had 5 minutes at the end of the day last week … before family time kicked in.  So I pulled out my notebook and wrote down my five biggest pain points. I worked through 3 of these, noting down what I need to do to resolve these pain points.  This included resources needed, time, tools, manpower and for a few of them, just a change in work habits.  These will be the basis of 5 new SMART goals.  Achieving these will make me a pretty kick-ass super hero!  I have a team of sidekicks so no excuses there, but it takes setting aside that time to stop, think and solve in order to make my business a better one and me a happier hero.

My 10 Top Tips for being an even better Super Hero:

  1. Set aside time to plan.
  2. Don’t fill your time with tasks someone else can do.
  3. Invest time in training your sidekick and document this in procedures.  Build an operations manual.
  4. [really important] Enjoy being a super hero and face each day with a passion.  If you are not doing this, what needs to change so you can.
  5. Acknowledge what you have achieved.
  6. Surround yourself with other super powers (whether in face-to-face events, social media groups and networks, mentors, coaches, suppliers and customers)
  7. When you fall from your super hero status from time to time, pick yourself back up and go forth.  No-one’s super all the time.
  8. It’s all in the detail.  Cashflow forecasts, budgets, strategies, plans and templates.  They will keep you honest, focused and answerable.
  9. Be realistic about your goals.  Don’t set yourself up to fail.
  10. Super hero school … do you need to upskill or refresh your knowledge.  Learning feeds the brain, inspires us to improve and is another way of meeting new super powers.  Try it.

That’s it.  Big breath (me), series over.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these articles and hope they’ve helped you on your path to be an even better super hero than you are already.

The Sidekick Series

  1. What you need to do before you take on a sidekick
  2. How to find the right sidekick for you
  3. How to get the very best from your sidekick
  4. How to be an even better super-hero 


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