High Maintenance Clients: Save or Delete?

March 25, 2015

I’m a firm advocate of working with your ideal clients, but I constantly hear from my own clients about their own ‘high maintenance’ clients.  You know; those clients of yours who are constantly on the phone, they change their mind – constantly, they can be so very hard to get a decision from … clients who take the most time and spend (often) the least amount of money.

Do you save these clients, or delete them forever from your CRM?

I’ve talked about the delete option before in “Dear client, you’re fired” but let’s look at another option.  Sometimes the client’s worth keeping and sometimes you can even learn from Ms or Mr High Maintenance.

  1. Will making this customer happy add value for my ideal clients?
  2. Are there pain points high maintenance clients have that ideal clients may also have (that you didn’t know about)?
  3. Can the client be re-educated?
  4. Is there scope to increase business with this client?
  5. Are they a client likely to refer you, once satisfied?

Just think, if they are high maintenance for you then the chances are that they are also high maintenance elsewhere.  Make them happy by giving them faultless service and you won’t be forgotten.

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