Find Email Addresses Anywhere On The Web With Email Hunter

October 19, 2016

Ever wanted to find a LinkedIn connection’s email address? Or spent time hunting through a website trying to find a contact email? I found a solution! I was checking in with my Feedly newsfeed this morning and came across “45 Experts Share Their Biggest LinkedIn Marketing Strategy” where I discovered a free tool I wish I’d known of recently when doing a research project for a client.

One actionable Linkedin strategy most marketers overlooked is finding email addresses of their target linkers, influencers and social sharers. There are many tools to collect email addresses, but one that is pretty handy and is getting popular is Email Hunter. By simply installing it into your Chrome browser, going through each Linked profile and clicking on the red button, you can get the email address straight from the page. This is a simple trick but can actually help you semi-automate your manual outreach and content promotion process.

Of course I checked it out! Then I downloaded. It’s available as a Chrome extension and the free version gives you 150 requests per month. Paid plans also allow you to download as a CSV and share your subscription with your team.

What can you do with Email Hunter?

Get email addresses from any website: when you are on a website, click on Email Hunter button in your browser to get every email addresses we found related to the website.

Find email addresses on LinkedIn profiles: Email Hunter adds an “Email Hunter” button on LinkedIn profiles which finds the email address in seconds.

Save your leads from LinkedIn search pages and profiles: You can download all your saved leads in CSV or automatically synchronize them with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho or Zapier.

Search for emails: Search using first name, last name and domain name or search a domain name to return all emails found for this domain on the web.

Verify email addresses: Check whether or not an email is deliverable.

This could be one of the most useful tools in your toolbox. Used wisely (please – that means not for spamming or sending ANY type of promotional emails, we all get enough of those!) this means you can research leads, prospects and connections quickly. No more web contact forms!

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