How To Create A ‘Click To Tweet’ Image

July 26, 2015

People love images, they might pause to look at an image … or they may be searching Google images … and not necessarily read your article.  So, how to maximise engagement on those very images?  It’s simple, make them clickable with a free tool such as ‘Click To Tweet’ so a simple click has them sharing your image (and article) with their Twitter network.  Doing this makes it super easy for your readers to share your content.  Anyone can do this and using a tool like Canva means that once you have your template it’s super easy to swap out the background and text for each piece of content you create.

1. Log into your Twitter account.

2. Log into (with Twitter login option).

3. Upload your image so you have a URL (and I normally use Canva to create a click to tweet call to action on the image and upload the image to my Google Plus account to create a URL).

4. In clicktotweet enter the tweet message, page URL, hashtag and Twitter handle.

How to create a click to tweet image

5. Click on the green generate new link button.

6. Select one of the twitter default images to embed this into your post OR select one of the twitter default images and replace the URL with the URL you created in point 3.

How to create click to tweet images

7. Copy code into your source code in your blog post or content.

8. All done!

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Note the free version of ‘click to tweet’ only gives you a few trackable clicks before you need to delete existing tweets in order to generate the next new link. Simply delete older tweets from the dashboard once this occurs, remembering to note your stats so you can see which images your readers are sharing.

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