Beginners Guide to Landing Page Campaigns

July 9, 2015

Whether you are looking to grow your mailing list, promote your new book or fill your diary with new consultations – done well a landing page promoted through social media can be a cost effective way of reaching your goals.  When followed up with an effective email campaign to increase conversions and add value for your subscribers you’ll be pretty impressed with the results.

The key thing to remember (as with everything) is that the most important part of your strategy is to measure and adjust.  What days attracted the most clicks? Did the open rates on your email auto-responders increase or decrease?  How many consultations booked turned into actual business?

I haven’t gone into scrolls of detail, less is more and I’ll follow this blog with a case study and more details on specific elements of the strategy in the future.  This week I’ve gone with the Keep It Simple Stupid approach so you can see what’s involved and start planning your own campaign.  It’s pretty exciting when the emails start coming in letting you know you’ve got a new subscriber or sold another widget!!

The Procedure

  1. Identify the goal of the campaign – e.g. to increase your mailing list by xx new subscribers in the next xx days
  2. Identify target of the campaign – who are they, which social media network are they using, what problem are you going to solve for them?
  3. Identify a compelling reason for them to click/subscribe/purchase/book – e.g. a freebie, resource, tool, prize
  4. Create your Landing Page.  Decide if going to use a service such as LeadPages or develop within your own website framework. Ensure the page is compelling, proofed and gives a clear message to trigger a response within seconds of being viewed.
  5. Create your Auto-Responders.
  6. Identify which Social Media networks it will run on and decide on how it will be promoted.
  7. Identify where else you can promote the landing page – a popup, banner or badge on your own site, promote with a partner, ask your network to spread the word.
  8. Set up a paid and unpaid campaign in each of the identified networks.
  9. Monitor the campaign and make adjustments as needed.
  10. Follow your new subscribers on social media.

The Auto Responders

Plan what you want to say, what programme you will use, frequency of emails and what you will measure.  It’s important to keep in mind what your goal is but the main purposes of an auto responder series is to start a channel of conversation, solve a problem your subscribers have and build trust.

Here’s an example:

  • Email 1: Introduce yourself; give them the download/product/link they signed up for; give them your contact details.  Make the email all about them (not you!)
  • Email 2: Ask what they thought about the download/product/link; give them another resource (adding unexpected value); invite them to contact you by asking an open ended question.
  • Email 3: Ask them if their pain point has been solved; include a case study or link to an article where a client was helped with this problem; have a call to action.
  • Email 4: Let them know this is the final email; thank them for their subscription, ask for some feedback (depending on the campaign) and that they share the link (xxx) with anyone they know who might benefit; include a strong call to action.

The Report 

What worked well?  Map out your measurements:

  • Which social media campaign worked best (include stats)?
  • Which days/times generated the most click throughs?
  • How many clicks to your landing page did you get?
  • Which landing page (if you split tested) converted the best?
  • What did each subscriber cost you?
  • Did your open rates increase or decrease in your autoresponders?
  • Which links were most/least clicked through?
  • How many subscribers contacted you?
  • How many subscribers did you convert to a client / sell to?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What changes need to be implemented (and don’t change too much for next time as you want to be able to measure exactly what changes work)?
  • What worked well?

Have you tried your own landing page campaign? Share below in the comments.

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