Before you start your next social media campaign, STOP

September 13, 2016

Before you start your next social media campaign just stop for a minute. While getting the right image and copy for your campaign is critical, there’s something you need to do first. Something that can make or break the success of your campaign.

A little thing called planning.

Taking on your own social media campaign (and doing it well) is no easy task. That’s why there are so many social media and ad agencies out there. Companies and people who dedicate hours to upskilling and keeping up with the latest developments. But you don’t always have the budget to hand over the project to them, and it’s ok. There are some steps you can follow to do your own campaign. And like anything you do, making the time up front to plan will save you time and money tenfold in the long run.

We have a free worksheet we are finalising now which will step you through planning your Facebook campaign. Sign up here if you’d like to get a heads up when it’s ready. In the meantime, here’s the key steps you need to include in your plan.

Planning your social media campaign

Identify your objectives

Do you want 1,000 subscribers to your list in the next 4 weeks? 10,000 subscribers? Do you want to generate 5 new customer enquiries or perhaps your goal is to attract 250 people to your next webinar? Without setting goals how will you know how your campaign needs to perform?

Know your competitors

What are they doing, how are they and which campaigns are working for them?

Create an action plan

Our recommendation is to set your goals using the smart goal system and mapping out your plan of action based on these. Again, our worksheet will help you with this but here’s more info on SMART goals (and the actions that drive them) to guide you right now.

Know your audience

Who are they, when are they online, where are they online. What motivates them to act and what problems do they face … and how will clicking on your promotion solve those?

Think about your strengths

Are you creative but attention to detail is something that escapes you? If so, create your image and copy and get someone else to proof it for you. Are you great at seeing trends behind stats but can’t string a sentence? Hire a copy writer to make words jump from your campaign and connect. Spend your time where you add value and delegate the rest.

Be consistent

Branding is huge and being consistent across your campaigns helps to tie in the big picture, you want world domination not city counsellor. By being consistent in your individual campaigns and across all campaigns you’ll find your budget goes a lot further and the results will start to snow ball as your name / brand becomes more recognised.

Again, we plan on going into more detail and giving you all you need to plan your next Facebook campaign in our upcoming worksheet. Sign up here if you’d like to know as soon as we have it ready for you.


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