Avoid Frustration By Setting Clear Expectations

June 9, 2016

When expectations aren’t clear, confusion and frustration can easily set in. This is true to all walks of life but great expectations in business result in happy staff, happy clients and hopefully, happy you! Setting and communicating your expectations clearly and consistently throughout the life cycle of your customer relationships:

  • Help protect your team from unrealistic pressures while letting them know what is expected in terms of performance.
  • You have processes in place to ensure you deliver a fantastic service. A lack of expectations can result in working under pressure, and it’s then that customer service suffers.
  • Clients know what to expect from you. If they know there’s a 6 week wait to work with you before they purchase your programe, they won’t be frustrated when they login to book their session. They will if their expectation is for a session next week!
  • If you are realistic in the expectations you have of yourself there’s no reason to get upset when you fall asleep at 10 tonight rather than getting that newsletter out. If you can’t set and respect great expectations you have personally, well people in glass houses&ellip;

Identifying your Great Expectations

Ask your team for instances where they or a client has been frustrated or complained. Go back through recent emails or your complaint log.

Identify which of these instances could have been prevented by better communication of expectations.

Document these and incorporate the document as part of both your staff induction and onboarding process for new clients. By creative, if appropriate use humour, images and design elements to lighten up the document while ensuring it is read and understood.

Time spent on this now will save time spent in the future, apologising!

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