Our Packages

Our packages are designed to fit your budget, and your needs. We’re not about the hours, we’re about partnering with you to grow your business while reducing overwhelm and daily frustrations.

You’ll be paired with one of our amazing senior virtual assistants or online business managers who will liaise directly with you, looking to add value across your business while project managing and liaising with both our internal experts, your own team and external experts to ensure you get the best skillset for the job, with the best outcome.

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If we haven’t answered yours we’ll be happy to do it in a discovery call or don’t hesitate to email Justine.


$75 per hour Sign up
  • When you don’t need a full time VA but need that launch, presentation, landing page or document proofed. This option is for those of you needing expert support on a one-off basis.

Entrepreneur $1799

30 hours per month Sign up
  • We partner with you as an integral part of your team, working to drive marketing initiatives and achieve operational excellence. An entry level package if you’re ready to work with a VA team who are outcome driven rather than task focused.

Executive $3300

60 hours per month Sign up
  • For businesses looking for full executive support, from the routine day to day tasks through to developing strategies so you meet your goals. This package is for those ready to take their business to the next level, without the 12 hour days.

All packages include combinations of:

  • Initial Discovery Skype Session: This session allows us to figure out the best way we can help you grow and love your business.
  • Premium Virtual Support: The juice. Where the team will get all the bits and pieces done. Once you hand them over to us, we’re off and running.
  • Project Management Centre: Get into the command centre and track exactly where each of your projects are at, anytime!
  • Skype Strategy Sessions: The most valuable tool in our arsenal. An opportunity to check in, regroup and plan your world domination (with our support).
  • Monthly Progress Report: A written report updating you on your projects, where our time has been spent, along with feedback and comments from your team.

FAQ about Packages:

Do I have to use all my package hours each month?
We have a team of very talented people who will make sure that all your ‘wish list’ items are completed. This is part of the reason we have regular strategy meetings with you. Your lead VA will turn outcomes from those meetings into tasks to be completed.
Can I test you out before committing?
Absolutely. We want you to be 100% comfortable working with us. Send us through a project to work on and we’ll charge you a standard package rate. Book a discovery call.
How do I get started?
Read this Client Guide which outlines the steps. If you’ve read it and feel ready to get cracking straight way, click HERE and book your free discovery call. Your workload is about to be dramatically reduced!
What services do you offer?
We are a full-service office/agency. We have experts on the team who cover Bookkeeping, Admin/Customer service/email management support, Marketing (online and off), even Systems analysis and online business managers. Have a look HERE for more details.
What if I have more specialised tasks?
If we don’t have the skills within the team (rare event) then we’ll find the right person for the job. Our goal is to have an expert complete your tasks. That way we don’t waste time and our experts can offer recommendations and advice. If we need to go outside the team we’ll give you options and recommendations and let you decide next steps.
How do I track progress on my projects?
You’ll have access to our project management system which allows you to log in at any point and track your projects. You’ll also be sent a weekly update showing you cumulative hours that have been spent on your projects. Additionally, at the end of each month you’ll be provided with a visual report that clearly shows you where time is being spent and what projects are being worked on/completed. You’ll also be kept up to date during your regular catch ups with your Lead VA. No nasty surprises!
What if I go over time?
Some months you may go over and some months you may not use all your hours – it is a flexible arrangement. If you do have a very busy month (it happens) and you need more hours, your monthly invoice will reflect these additional hours, and you will be charged at your standard package rate. Different clients prefer to work in different ways. Some clients just want the work done, others remain budget focused and prefer to carry projects over to a new month. We work how you want us to work.
Are all services the same rate?
Our rates are discounted depending on the package you choose. All virtual assistant services we offer come under your monthly package. Online Business Manager services are charged on a separate package at a higher rate.
Will you create SOPs for me?
Yes! This is a critical element that helps leverage time and resources in your business. We will create an internal library that will grow over time. This library will only be accessed by select people, and is yours to keep regardless of how long you work with us. This way all intellectual property our team creates remains the property of your business.
What is the turn-around on a project?
It depends on the project. Your Lead VA will give you an estimate on the turn-around, but we do like lead-time to ensure your project comes back to you 100% error free and future-proofed. It’s having this time that gives us the freedom to ensure we are delivering best possible outcome. That said, emergencies happen and we scramble when you need us to.
How do I request a project?
You have options. Either send a message to your lead VA and they’ll take care of it for you – they will come back to you with any questions. Or, if you are more hands on you can set up your own projects in our Project Management system.
Where is my VA based?
We are proud to be a small New Zealand based company so the majority of our VA’s are nestled somewhere in NZ . We have people throughout the country some locations are: Dunedin, Canterbury, Taranaki, Gisborne, Tauranga, Auckland. We do however, have a small handful of our team working outside of New Zealand — these people are Kiwi’s, Australian’s, American’s and English team members.
Why use Your VA and not another service like UpWork or Guru?
We are a New Zealand based team that are more than just ‘Task Doers’, we’re strategists and business partners. When we work on your projects we are always thinking about how to do things better, and how we can leverage your time and resources. That is why your Lead VA has regular team meetings about your business and goals. This way we come up with great ideas that will be helpful to you and your business. We do not waste your time, we create you time while focusing on best value for your business.
Do you outsource work offshore?
On occasion when the task and budget require it, we use hand picked people we’ve worked with on a regular basis. This keeps costs down for you and allows the core team to perform their tasks at a higher level. All projects that are sent offshore are fully assessed and will only be shown to you (and paid for) when we’re happy. Rest assured we’re a picky bunch.
How do I know you will keep my material private and confidential?
All team members sign a Confidentiality Agreement when they become team members. They’re also put through rigorous testing and assessment before we bring them into the team – only the most reliable and responsible people make it through our on-boarding process.