2 Social Media Actions Every Entrepreneur Should Be Doing

August 12, 2015

Please comment below and tell me, if you could do only 2 actions on social media … what would they be?

If like most of my clients your time on social media is limited, there are 2 things as an entrepreneur you should be doing above all else.  2 things which are a definite must for your ‘to do’ list.  They are easy to do, can be outsourced or delegated, and whether or not you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, are critical to the success of every business. No matter how big or small.

It’s all about listening.

To the right people.

Those right people are your clients … and your competitors.

#1 Listening to your clients

Because without knowing what your customers are talking about, who they are engaging with and what questions they are asking, how are you going to make sure your product or service continues to meet the changing needs of those customers.  By listening to what they are saying on social media, you can make sure you have solutions to their pain points.  You can make sure your marketing strategy is sending out the right messages, in the right places, to the right people.  Listening and learning these ever-changing customer habits allows you to be one step ahead of your customers, meeting needs they may not even know they have … yet.  Listening to your customers allows you to be an entrepreneur who is proactive, not reactive.

#2 Listening to your competitors

Because knowing what your competitors are talking about gives you an insight into what mistakes they have made, and how to avoid them.  What they do well, and how you can do better.  What they are saying, and sharing, and with whom.  Who their customers are and how they differ to yours.  A great entrepreneur knows what’s going on in their wider industry and that includes the players, the demographic, the innovation and trends.  If you’re lucky enough to be in a supportive and non-competitive industry like virtual assistants … you can take this strategy to the next level and meet with your competitors (and I use this term loosely) face to face.  Support and learn from each other, it will make you ALL more successful and can only benefit your industry.  If you are in a more competitive industry then listening is even more important.

Tip: There are a huge amount of social listening tools you can use to help you with this strategy.  Here’s a wiki page of social media monitoring resources.


Actions to implement the above are outlined in the Prezi below.  Feel free to download the presentation so you can tweak the actions to fit your business and your social media activity.

By working on these actions, you will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Build better relationships with your clients
  • Be leading edge in your industry
  • Raise your profile (and credibility)
  • Connect with prospects 
  • Be a step ahead of your competitors.

That’s a lot of wins!

If you want to get this underway but don’t have the time, drop me a line and we’ll set it up for you. It’s what we do.

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