10 Team Building Tips

September 28, 2016

We all work with a team in one way or another. Whether they be co-workers, partners, contractors, suppliers or clients, they are your team. Together this group of business and people determine the success of your company, and the wellbeing factor of your own day. A cohesive, happy and motivated team working toward the same goal is a beautiful thing, on the flip side … an unhappy team working as individuals can be as effective as trying to fill a bowl of water using a sprinkler!

Here’s 10 simple things you can do today to build an even better team.

1. Say thanks.
Doesn’t take much but we all love to feel appreciated.

2. Same page. Make sure everyone is aware of what the plan is today. What do they need to get done to help with the big picture?

3. Big picture. What is it? How are you communicating and measuring this throughout your team?

4. Be decisive. Not making decisions cause frustration and confusion.

5. Get together. With technology being what it is there is no excuse not to catch up as a team. Whether in the same building, on a conference call or group skype … having regular catchups keep momentum moving and ideas flowing.

6. Short meetings. You don’t have time to waste! Go into each meeting with a clear agenda, keep to the topic and conclude with a summary.

7. Preventative action. Better to instal smoke alarms than put out fires. Think about potential risks today.

8. Corrective action. When a fire does start, put it out quickly before any damage gets out of hand. This can be personalities, mistakes, delays ….

9. Recognise strengths. Your team is your greatest asset, utilise the strengths you have within.

10. Culture. It’s your job to foster a positive and supportive culture. Do something today (and every day after) to support this.

What have I missed? Please share your top tip on what you’ve done to make your own team a good one.

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