Milestones Strategy Session

$249.00 + GST (NZ only)

Do you ever feel frustrated at a lack of progress?

Do you struggle with focus and need some accountability?

Are you ready to start achieving your goals, one milestone at a time?

Hi I’m Justine, founder visionary for Your VA.  I started as a virtual assistant in 1998 and business has changed a lot since then.  Over this time I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes, across a number of industries.  By setting goals, planning and executing them I’ve transformed Your Virtual Assistant from a one-man-band ‘job’ to a virtual assistant agency business.  From a shoestring revenue to a 6-figure company that can handle not having me at the helm (for a while!).

This session is ideal for you if you:

  • 👉 Aren’t seeing momentum in your business
  • 👉 Have a goal but you’re not sure how to get there
  • 👉 Need a plan and some accountability to keep you focused
  • 👉 Want to brainstorm an idea and need an outside perspective

What you’ll get from this session is:

  • 👉 In one hour you’ll have a goal and a plan to make sure you achieve it.  
  • 👉 In one hour you’ll be inspired, motivated and accountable.  
  • 👉 In one hour you’ll have clarity and certainty around what’s achievable … one step at a time


Step 1: 

After purchasing your strategy session you’ll receive an email with a link to book a time that suits you.

Step 2: 

You’ll also receive a link to a questionnaire, so we approach your strategy session armed with an agenda to make the most of our time. 

Step 3:

Our session: We’ll brainstorm what you want to achieve and together we’ll formulate a plan, breaking down your goal into smaller milestones so you’re continually making progress.

Step 4:

I’ll check in with you on the milestone due dates to support you (and hold you accountable!).

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