Digital Business Cards

$125.00 + GST (NZ only)

Do you want contacts you meet to remember you?

To be able to easily add you to their phone contacts with a click of a button?

When you receive a paper business card, what do you normally do with it? Most people will toss it in their purse or wallet, where it’s forgotten and when found, almost immediately thrown out. When you share a digital business card, it doesn’t get lost in the oblivion of old receipts, gum wrappers, and hair ties. Digital business cards go directly into the receiver’s phone contacts, so your new contact can easily integrate it (and you!) into their workflow. Virtual cards make following up easier and more efficient, which in return can lead to fostering stronger connections.

A digital business card is a contactless way to have zoom attendees, social media connections, face to face contacts … anyone you want to remember you, add you to their phone contacts.  No QR reader needed, they simply use their smart phone camera to scan and the next time you call them they’ll see it’s you!

Don’t take our word for it though, try it now!  Scan Justine’s card below and see what happens:


Digital Business Card



With online meetings and virtual events the new norm, virtual business cards are becoming a staple of everyday life. Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere — simply send the image over email, text, or social media. During a zoom you can hold up your digital card, and anyone in attendance can scan your code and will have instant access to your card. Even in face to face situations where traditional cards are still the norm, digital business cards will be a talking point because they’re new and best of all, they’re social distancing safe with no physical contact required.

This purchase includes setup of your new digital card based on your existing card.  If you’d like our design experts to get creative and design you a new card simply let us know when you purchase and we’ll get some information from you before letting you know the cost.

Additional cards for each of your team can also be provided at $35 + GST per person.

All we need from you are:

  • Your contact details
  • A PDF of your business card*
  • Your brand colours and fonts (if you don’t have these we’ll use your card or website to match)

Simply click on the button to purchase or email us your requirements.

* If you don’t have a business card don’t worry.  We’ll use your details and code to create your card, all beautifully branded.  You’ll receive 2 images from us, sized for your:

  1. Email signature
  2. Phone
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